Date: 09/02/2018 - Styal Lodge Bridal Shoot // 8.2.2018 // Jonny Draper Mentoring

So just before I sat down to start writing this I flicked through Facebook and noticed that a year ago today Sam and I modelled for Jonny Draper at Ashfield House. I was massively excited about this for 2 reasons…

  1. we had a ‘friend’ (an old boss) do our wedding photos and they weren’t great…so I really wanted to play bride and groom and get some photos
  2. I was (and still am) a big fan of Jonny and his work so it was really exciting to get to meet him.
  3. (Ok 3 reasons….) I bloody LOVE dresses! My word! I was too excited to play dress up!!! And good god the dresses were gorgeous!

At this point I’d been a photographer for almost a year…quite intimidated by other togs…(now I’ve got lots of photographer friends and I’m part of a really strong and supportive community!) Jonny’s wife Emma owner of the fabulous Love Bridal Boutique mentioned to email Jonny about training and if it wasn’t for that I guess a lot of things in the last year wouldn’t have happened.

Since then I’ve attended 2 of Jonny’s workshops and the Northern Awesome training day with 60 photographers. Yes it’s true we all did a shot of Jaegermeister at 10.50. If I’m honest I was nearly sick but pretended I was cool…

I had an incredible 2017! Like crazy!! I can’t believe it actually happened…sometimes I look back at the diary and freak out! I’m so happy with the family shoots, I get to meet loads of lovely people and I’m crazy busy with them all the time. So all of a sudden I realised I’ve got all these weddings booked in the diary and emails coming in and I just wanted to take my business even further and make sure every thing was the best it can possibly be. I’d trained with Jonny and seen how successful Kate had been (who is actually modelling in the photos) so in December I wrote him a big email and that’s how all this came about.

So here I am a few weeks into the mentoring programme feeling stronger than ever.

And here are some of the photos from this amazing day.

I hope you love them xxx


Venue: Styal Lodge

Dress: Love Bridal Boutique

Model: Kate McCarthy

Photographer: Sarah Glynn Photography (Me!)