About Me


So I’m Sarah and I just love shootings weddings and families it makes me so happy it’s crazy.

This is me and my little family ( we also have a cat called Winkle but she was busy)

You may have noticed all my photos seem to be outdoors or at people’s houses?

That’s because I genuinely think we can get the best and most amazing photos in these environments.

Children and families are just so comfortable in their own home which makes it such an intimate shoot and you get something extra special and meaningful.

And don’t get me started on how much I love the outdoors. In 2017 I did over a thousand shoots and it never ceases to amaze me how every single person is different. You are all totally unique and I just feel really comfortable bringing out different aspects of your character and personalities when I’m on location. It’s a constant challenge with the weather, light, keeping every one engaged and excited but I absolutely love the challenge and feel so lucky to be able to do some thing so rewarding and meet so many lovely people.

Weddings…Well…I want you to be insanely excited about your wedding and have the best day ever.  I love chatting to people and making sure every one is having a great time and capturing all those amazing moments for you to keep forever. It’s the best feeling ever hearing how happy people are with their photos (especially when some one says I made them cry that’s a massive win) And If you are a couple getting married who have children then that’s pretty awesome and I will make sure they are just as involved in all your photos as you guys are.

I’d love to hear from you

Sarah xxx



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I’ve also won some awards!